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Shobhit Nirwan SST Notes for Class 10 | PDF Download

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Shobhit Nirwan Social Science Notes for Class 10

Shobhit Nirwan from Delhi, currently pursuing B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Information Technology Vadodara in IT Branch.

His Previous academic accolades includes:

  • 10 CGPA in CBSE 10th board.
  • 87% in CBSE 12th board.


Download Link of Shobhit Nirwan Social Science Notes for Class 10 is given below.

Contents of Shobhit Nirwan Notes

  • Notes of The Rise of Nationalism in Europe.
  • Notes of Nationalism in India.
  • Notes of The Making of a Global World.
  • Notes of The Age of Industrialization.
  • Notes of Print Culture and the Modern World.
  • Notes of Resources and Development.
  • Notes of Forest and Wildlife.
  • Notes of Water Resources.
  • Notes of Agriculture.
  • Notes of Minerals and energy Resources.
  • Notes of Manufacturing industries.
  • Notes of Lifelines of national Economy.
  • Notes of Development.
  • Notes of Sectors of the Indian Economy.
  • Notes of Money and Credit.
  • Notes of Globalisation and the Indian Economy.
  • Notes of Power Sharing.
  • Notes of Federalism.
  • Notes of Gender, Religion and Caste.
  • Notes of Political Parties.
  • Notes of Outcomes of Democracy.
Shobhit nirwan notes The Rise of Nationalism in EuropeDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes Nationalism in IndiaDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes The Making of a Global WorldDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes The Age of IndustrializationDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes Print Culture and the Modern WorldDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes Resources and DevelopmentDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes Forest and WildlifeDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes Water ResourcesDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes AgricultureDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes Minerals and energy resourcesDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes Manufacturing industriesDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes Lifelines of national economyDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes DevelopmentDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes Sectors of the Indian EconomyDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes Money and CreditDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes Globalisation and the Indian EconomyDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes Power SharingDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes FederalismDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes Gender, Religion and CasteDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes Political PartiesDOWNLOAD NOW
Shobhit nirwan notes Outcomes of DemocracyDOWNLOAD NOW
  • Examine the impact of the French Revolution on the European countries in the making of the Nation state.
  • Explore the nature of the diverse social movements of the time. (1830-1848)
  • Examine the ways by which the idea of nationalism emerged and led to the formation of nation states.
  • Comprehend how the World War I was triggered by the scramble for colonies in the Balkan states.
  • Explore various facets of Nationalistic movements that ushered in the sense of Collective Belonging.
  • Discuss the impact of the first world war on triggering two defining movements (Khilafat & Non-cooperation Movement) in India.
  • Assess/ appraise the role of Mahatma Gandhi and other leaders in the two movements (NCM & CDM).
  • Explore various aspects of how the world changed profoundly in the 19th century in terms of Economic, Political, Social, Cultural and technological areas.
  • Analyse the destructive impact of colonialism on the economy and the livelihoods of colonised people.
  • Examine economic, political, social features of Pre and Post Industrialization.
  • Analyse the impact of Industrialisation in the colonies with specific focus on India.
  • Examine the development of Print from its beginnings in East Asia to its expansion in Europe and India.
  • Analyse the impact of the spread of technology and consider how social life and culture changed with coming of print.
  • Examines and comprehends how democracies handle demands and need for power sharing.
  • Analyse the Challenges faced by countries like Belgium and Sri Lanka ensuring effective power sharing.
  • Comprehend the theory and Practice of Federalism in India.
  • Analyse the policies and politics that has strengthened federalism in practice.
  • Examines the role and differences of Gender, religion and Caste in practicing Democracy in India.
  • Analyses the different expressions based on these differences are healthy or otherwise in a democracy.
  • Evaluates the contributions made by national and regional political parties in making or otherwise of Indian democracy.
  • Comprehends the expected and actual outcomes of democracy in view of quality of government, economic wellbeing, in equality, social differences, conflict, freedom and dignity.
  • Analyses the reasons behind gap that occurs in conversion of expected outcomes into actual outcomes of democracy in various respects: quality of government, economic well-being, inequality, social differences and conflict and finally freedom and dignity.
  • Examine the significance,interdependence, utilization development need of Planning of resources in India.
  • Summarise the rationale for development of resources.
  • Comprehends the reasons for non-optimal utilization of land in India.
  • Analyse the need to conserve all the resources.
  • Examine the significant role for resource planning in the light of the present requirements in India.
  • Examine the importance of conserving forests and wild life and their interdependency in maintaining the ecology for the sustainable development of India.
  • Analyse the role of grazing and wood cutting in the development and degradation.
  • Comprehends the reasons for conservation of biodiversity in India under sustainable development.
  • Examine the reasons for conservation of water resource in India.
  • Analyse and infer how the Multipurpose projects are supporting the requirement of water in India.
  • Examine the crucial role played by agriculture in our economy and society.
  • Analyses the challenges faced by the farming community in India.
  • Comprehends the various aspects of agriculture, including crop production, types of farming, modern agricultural practices, and the impact of agriculture on the environment.
  • Comprehends the formation of different types of minerals, location, their uses, importance for human life and the economy.
  • Analyses the importance of minerals and natural resources for economic development of the country their distribution, and sustainable use.
  • Distinguishes between the conventional and non-conventional sources of energy.
  • Distinguishes between various types of manufacturing industries based on their input materials, processes, and end products, and analyse their significance in the Indian economy.
  • Examines the impact of manufacturing industries on the environment, and develop strategies for sustainable development of the manufacturing sector.
  • Analyses the relation between the availability of raw material and location of the Industry.
  • Inter disciplinary project with chapter 3 of History: The making of a Global world and chapter 4 of Economics:Globalization and the Indian Economy.
  • Examine the significance of designing suitable developmental goals in shaping the nation.
  • Examine the importance of per capita income and compare the per capita income of various countries to infer about reasons for the variance.
  • Analyse the HDI in relation to PCI.
  • Examine the need for Sustainable development.
  • Analyse and evaluate the economic activities in different sectors and how they contribute to the overall growth and development of the Indian economy.
  • Identify problems in different sectors and propose solutions based on their understanding of the sectors.
  • Analyse the major employment generating sectors and observe the challenges faced in an effort to provide employment to all.
  • Examines the role of Unorganised sector in impacting PCI currently and proposes suggestive steps to reduce the unorganised sector for more productive contributions to GDP.
  • Examine and infer the essential role of the Public and Private sectors the present trends of PPP and efficacy of the initiative.
  • Examine money as a medium of exchange in all transactions of goods and services since ancient times to the present times.
  • Analyse the different sources of credit
  • Identify the significance and role of self-help groups in the betterment of the economic condition of rural people/women.
  • Examine the concept of globalization and its definition, evolution, and impact on the global economy.
  • Explore the details of the key drivers of globalization and their role in shaping the global economic landscape in various countries.
  • Examines the significance of role of G20 and its significance in the light of India’s present role.

Who is Shobhit Nirwan ?

Shobhit Nirwan from Delhi, currently pursuing B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Information Technology Vadodara in IT Branch.

Is Shobhit Nirwan Notes good?

Yes, Shobhit Nirwan notes is very good for Class 10 Board Exams.


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